Eldo Pro Line Interactive UPS 2000VA / 1200W

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GHS 1,710.00
  • Output power capacity 2000VA / 1200W
  • Output Connections: 4
  • Nominal Output Voltage 230V
  • Nominal Input Voltage 230V
  • Fastest charging capacity
  • Auto restart function
  • Cold Start Function
  • Build in super smart

Experience dependable power protection with the Eldo Pro Line Interactive UPS 2000VA / 1200W. Ideal for home and office environments, this UPS offers robust features to safeguard against power fluctuations and outages. With a capacity of 2000VA (or 2kVA) and 1200W, it ensures uninterrupted operation of critical electronics.

Key features include:

  • Line Interactive Technology: Smooths out voltage fluctuations without switching to battery power, prolonging battery life.
  • Battery Backup: Provides essential power during outages, allowing time for safe shutdown of connected devices.
  • LCD Display: Provides real-time status updates on battery charge level, input/output voltage, and load capacity.
  • Protection: Guards against power surges, spikes, sags, and brownouts, ensuring equipment remains safe from electrical disturbances.
  • Audible Alarms: Alerts users to changes in power and UPS conditions, ensuring timely responses to critical situations.
  • Multiple Outlets: Offers ample connectivity options with surge protection to accommodate various devices.

The Eldo Pro Line Interactive UPS 2000VA / 1200W is an essential companion for maintaining productivity and protecting valuable equipment in any setting.

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Eldo Pro Line Interactive UPS 2000VA / 1200W

GHS 1,710.00